New York Works: NYCEDC Launches Effort to Create Hub for New York City’s Cybersecurity Industry

City seeking proposals to establish NYC’s first cybersecurity accelerator, grow a talent pipeline for New Yorkers, and fuel the commercialization of academic innovations

Cyber NYC RFP is first major step of the de Blasio Administration’s $30m investment to support cybersecurity R&D and create 10k high-quality jobs

NEW YORK, NY—New York City Economic Development Corporation (NYCEDC) today launched its effort to position New York City as a global leader in cybersecurity jobs and innovation. The effort is part of Mayor de Blasio’s Cyber NYC[1] initiative, which will catalyze the growth of New York City’s cybersecurity industry, and is a key component of Mayor de Blasio’s New York Works[2] plan to create 100,000 good jobs over the next ten years.

NYCEDC today released a Cyber NYC RFP, which seeks proposals from across academia and industry to partner with the City on a range of connected initiatives, including: establishing a Cyber Center for the industry that will include the city’s first cybersecurity accelerator, strengthening New York City’s cybersecurity talent pipeline through an Applied Learning Initiative, and developing connections between academia and entrepreneurship to support commercialization of new products. The City’s effort will help grow New York City’s cybersecurity industry, and ultimately fuel the creation of 10,000 high-quality, accessible jobs for New Yorkers.

“Cybersecurity presents both a threat and opportunity to New York City,” said NYCEDC President and CEO James Patchett. “The de Blasio Administration is investing in cybersecurity to both fuel innovation, and to create new, accessible pathways to jobs in the industry. We’re looking for big-thinking proposals to help us become the global capital of cybersecurity and to create thousands of good jobs for New Yorkers.”

The Cyber NYC RFP will focus on three priorities:

  • Establishing a Cyber Center to serve as the primary hub of New York City’s cyber community. Specifically, the center will house New York City’s first cybersecurity accelerator to connect startups with space, training, potential customers, investors, industry mentors, and other resources. The center will also house community space and programming for the industry.
  • Strengthening Talent Partnerships by developing a diverse, well-trained cybersecurity workforce, and connecting New Yorkers with Jobs. The key component of these partnerships will be an Applied Learning Initiative, which will operate across the city’s universities and educational service providers to create learning opportunities in cybersecurity. The City will also establish a Cyber Boot Camp to train and connect a diverse group of New Yorkers with jobs in cybersecurity.
  • Creating Academic Innovation Exchanges to support the launch, growth, and commercialization of new cybersecurity research and development based in academia. The exchanges will include two programs: Cyber IP to pair creators of commercialization-ready IP with entrepreneurs and Cyber Innovation Bridge to connect academia-led startups with funding and entrepreneurship training.

Download the RFP here[3].

New York City is well-positioned to become a global hub for commercial cybersecurity. Currently, New York City already home to more than 6,000 cybersecurity jobs, diverse talent, and key anchor industries that are the largest buyers of cybersecurity – financial services, healthcare, retail, media, and others.

Cybersecurity is of increasing strategic importance to companies, institutions, and consumers. Recent cyberattacks on financial institutions, retail businesses, media companies, and healthcare institutions underscore the increased importance for businesses and institutions to invest in protecting against cyberattacks. Consequently, cybersecurity is a major area of economic growth and is projected to reach $170 billion in global spending by 2020.

“Cybersecurity has never been more important to the pillars of New York’s economy – finance, healthcare, media, and commerce – and it will only grow more crucial,” said Manhattan Borough President Gale A. Brewer. “Investing in this industry is timely, it plays to our strengths, and it will deliver a real return.”

“I applaud Mayor de Blasio for focusing the City’s job-creating resources on the vital and growing cybersecurity sector,” said Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams. “Cyber NYC comes at the right time, a time when we are keenly aware of the critical threats facing consumers, companies, and civic institutions alike. This initiative also comes to the right city, a city that is home to world-class academics and entrepreneurs as well as a new generation of young tech talent. Brooklyn is ready to house these good-paying jobs that will add to the security of our borough and beyond.”

“As digital technologies continue to proliferate throughout all areas of society, maintaining cybersecurity is more important than ever,” said Council Member James Vacca, Chair of the New York City Council Committee on Technology. “While maintaining robust cybersecurity represents a significant challenge, it also offers significant opportunities for innovation and business growth. This RFP and initial investment will ensure New York City is both well-positioned to further the field of cybersecurity and take advantage of the economic benefits.”

“The risk of a serious cyberattack befalling NYC is great—which is why we need Cyber NYC,” said NYC Council Member Daniel Dromm, Chair of the New York City Council Committee on Education. “The City is obliged to safeguard the sensitive information it collects each day. This investment will ensure that NYC has access to the top talent necessary to do just that. I am pleased to support Cyber NYC which will grow the cybersecurity sector in NYC. Thanks to this initiative, NYC will be well-equipped to combat cyberattacks for years to come.”

“In 2017 cyber security is everything. We rely on it when we do our personal banking, apply for a job, or buy socks online,” said Council Member Ben Kallos, a web developer. “It is exciting to see New York City positioning itself to be one of the cyber cities of the future by investing in cyber security jobs now. Thank you to the Economic Development Corporation for the vital role it is playing in bringing good paying jobs to our City.”

“New York City and the NYPD have been national and international leaders and innovators in counterterrorism efforts since September 11, 2001. In making this evolutionary leap and investment into the training and development of cybersecurity professionals, New York will once again be at the vanguard of protecting our city and state from the potential castrophic consequences of cyberattack and databreachs”, said State Senate Chair of the Committee on Veterans, Homeland Security, and Military Affairs, Tom Croci (R, C, I – Sayville).

“As we’ve seen with the massive Equifax breach and Russian tampering in the economic and political affairs of our nation, cybersecurity has become a central issue of our lives. Mayor de Blasio’s Cyber NYC initiative will leverage New York’s resources to expand our knowledge economy, create new jobs, and shape a digital future that is safer and more secure,” said State Senator Brad Hoylman.

“Our nation faces new serious threats as cyber attacks increase and become more sophisticated. Consequently, cyber security has become an important discipline in the computer and technology industry,” said State Senator Marty Golden. “It is vitally important that New York City becomes a major player in the development of cyber security pipelines, strategies, business partnerships and providing well-trained cyber professionals. I want to commend the Mayor for investing $30 million to ensure that our City becomes the epicenter of innovation in cyber security and instrumental in protecting our nation from future cyber attacks.”

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